Residency Programme "SOUND iD"

As part of the SOUND iD project in August 2019, we'll have an international artist residency with eight residents from four countries – Belarus, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

They are the artists and researchers interested in implementing the projects at the intersection of interactive new media art and popularization of cultural heritage.

The results of the residents' work can be found on this website and during the public presentations of the project, held in Bibrka, Lviv and Kyiv in the last decade of August, 2019..


Invisible work

Video performance by Mariia Proshkovska

She. They.

Video by Lesia Pchelka

United States of Palesse

Sound art by Evgeni Rogozin


Sound by Katarina Gryvul, ink, videoart by Nikita Vlasov


Video by Eduard Klena

V. Perzhilo’s archiv

Essay by Hanna Pelina


Sound by Beata Anna Targosz

Hvestyval. Who is ukrainian?

Net-art by Tetiana Tsvilodub


Eduard Klena

Slovak artist

Slovak artist. Working with socio-political context.
(personal)* I wish I was taller. I wish I was younger. I wish I could sort out my life sooner. intermedia influenced -> where the wind blows. slavic asian based. doing gym lately.

Lesia Pchelka

Belarusian artist

Belarusian artist. The founder and member of VEHA art-group.
Interested in new media, art photography, collages, video and performance practices. Works with the private archival photos, made on the territory of the present Belarus. Making researchs, holding exhibitions and publishing books emphasizing cultural codes of national identity. She use modern metodes to work with collections of photo archives and looking for the new ways of representing them.

Katarina Gryvul

Ukrainian artist

Ukrainian artist, electroacoustic composer, music producer for games, advertising and films, professional violinist. Studied at the Lviv Music Academy like Volodymyr Perzhylo.

Hanna Pelina

Ukrainian researcher

Ukrainian researcher. Interested in unique recordings of ukrainian folk music.

Mariia Proshkovska

Ukrainian artist

Ukrainian artist.
Works with the themes of body sexualisation (particularly female), self-identification, explore the changes that an identity goes through under the influence of different factors. She has chosen the method of search risk, experimenting with forms and materials, technologies, often working in collaboration with photographers and other artists.

Evgeni Rogozin

Belarusian artist

Belarusian artist. Graduated as cinema sound designer. Participating as sound artist in various festivals, actions, cooperating with several performance groups, artist unions. Member of Belarusian State Union of Designers as a sound designer.

Beata Anna Targosz

Polish artist

Polish artist. Her works are presented in form of spatial sound installations.
Her research interests are sound related phenomena of places.
Focusing on sound, she learns about the identity of the place, its history and process of its development. She is intrested by how modification of sound environment may affect the perception of the place and if it influences the understanding of time, space and distances.

Nikita Vlasov

Ukrainian artist, architect, designer

Ukrainian artist, architect, designer.
Since the early 1990s, he worked as an interior designer, graphic designer, industrial designer and 2D animator.
Recently focused at graphic art and video art. Favorite technique is Chinese ink and to work in synthesis of art and design.

Tetiana Tsvilodub

Curator, art critic, psychoanalyst

Co-founder of Dream Projects – the interdisciplinary center of art and culture development (Ukraine, Georgia).

Co-founder and curator of the Dream Museum – art and educational project (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Curator of the international project and exhibition ‘Sergei Paradjanov – the XXI century Dream’ (Ukraine, Georgia).

10 facts about the life of Vladimir Perzhil

  • He was born in Oleszychi, in the territory of modern Poland in 1938
  • At the age of 8, during Operation Vistula he and his family were deported to Lviv region.
  • He graduated from the Lviv Music and Pedagogical School named after I. F. Colessi
  • He studied at two faculties of the Lviv Conservatory - conductor and vocal.
  • He started collecting folklore in 1968 when he first met with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora on the banks of the Volga (Nadvolzhya).
  • Throughout his life he wrote music, worked with various music groups, was a soloist of the choirs of Trembita and Boyan, and directed the Anthem Choir and the Quartet Quartet.
  • In 1970-90 he made several field folklore-ethnographic expeditions to the East (Volgograd, Astrakhan, Saratov regions).
  • He recorded more than 240 Ukrainian place names - names of settlements on the banks of the Volga.
  • He created and published in Lviv a map of the settlement of Ukrainians by the Volga under the name "Yellow Wedge", which was included in the series "Cathedral Ukraine".
  • He has published several collections of books, including "The Forgotten Branch of the Ukrainian People" (Lviv, 2010), and "The Evening of St. Nicholas: Essays" (Lviv, 2012).