About Dream Projects

Dream Projects – is a non-profit public organization in Ukraine and Georgia, which supports
interdisciplinary projects and experimental forms of communication in the field of
contemporary art and culture.

We’re based in Ukraine (since 2012) and Georgia (2014).

Inspire and assist in the creation of interdisciplinary projects aimed to develop art and culture in Ukraine.

We work for creation of new forms of art and culture through cross-cultural, interdisciplinary projects.


Project “33”

Sound exhibition on the thirty-third anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

by Evgeny Rogozin / Minsk, Belarus / Kyiv, Ukraine

Two parallel exhibitions held in the capitals of the two neighbouring
that were most affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

Minsk: Memorial Museum-workshop of Zaire Azgur

Kiev: Museum-workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze

Exhibition curators: Pavel Voynitsky (Belarus), Victoria Danelyan,
Tsvilodub (Ukraine)

Research, work with museum exposition, exhibition


Kavaleridze. RE: VISION

International artist-in-residence program Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Research, work with museum exposition, exhibition, publication,
art-residence, curatorial meetings, round table, presentation of the

Together with Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop with the support of the
Ukrainian Cultural Foundation ​in partnership with Adam Mickiewicz

2013 – present

Sergei Paradjanov the XXI century dream

interdisciplinary curatorial project


Kyiv, Ukraine

With the support: Ministry of Culture (Georgia) Tbilisi City Hall (Georgia),
Georgian National Museum, Lviv City Administration (Ukraine), Adam Mickiewicz
Institute (Poland), Polish Modern Art Foundation (Poland).

Research, international exhibitions, publications, art residence, festivals,
curatorial talks, video, archive.

2011 – present

Dream Museum

art and educational project Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Museum of intangible values

Visual exhibitions, performances, theatre, music, new-media, sound, workshops,
lectures,cinema-club, conferences, artist talks, book presentations, literature
evenings, readings, informaleducation (contemporary art, art history,
photography, psychoanalysis, science, linguistics,cinema, philosophy, animation

2016 – present

Go(o)d Artist

art and research project New York, USA

Kyiv, Ukraine

experimental and socially engaged art projectThe idea of this project is to
explore and demonstrate how we decide that the artist’s career is successful and
he/she is really a good artist, and that the value of his/her works is not
overpriced. We don’t have any common rules, any unified aesthetics in
contemporary art. For example,artists can be without any specific education.

But we still do have brands like: Artist’s name, Museum name, Gallery name,
Dealer’s name, Auction House name. And we use them to present ourselves in our
CVs to make an impression and to form the opinion about the artist shortly.

10 facts about the life of Vladimir Perzhil

  • He was born in Oleszychi, in the territory of modern Poland in 1938
  • At the age of 8, during Operation Vistula he and his family were deported to Lviv region.
  • He graduated from the Lviv Music and Pedagogical School named after I. F. Colessi
  • He studied at two faculties of the Lviv Conservatory - conductor and vocal.
  • He started collecting folklore in 1968 when he first met with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora on the banks of the Volga (Nadvolzhya).
  • Throughout his life he wrote music, worked with various music groups, was a soloist of the choirs of Trembita and Boyan, and directed the Anthem Choir and the Quartet Quartet.
  • In 1970-90 he made several field folklore-ethnographic expeditions to the East (Volgograd, Astrakhan, Saratov regions).
  • He recorded more than 240 Ukrainian place names - names of settlements on the banks of the Volga.
  • He created and published in Lviv a map of the settlement of Ukrainians by the Volga under the name "Yellow Wedge", which was included in the series "Cathedral Ukraine".
  • He has published several collections of books, including "The Forgotten Branch of the Ukrainian People" (Lviv, 2010), and "The Evening of St. Nicholas: Essays" (Lviv, 2012).