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Archive of Vladimir Perzhil

A small, but important, part of the cultural heritage of the multi-million dollar Ukrainian and many centuries old Ukrainian diaspora has been carefully collected by Vladimir Perzhilo and preserved by the SOUND iD project team in the most modern way.

I have been collecting and, as far as possible, collecting folklore, both in Ukraine and abroad. However, I do not even dream of publishing these records. Thank God I wrote it down. Someone will ever betray.

Vladimir Perzhilo

From now on, you can use this archive to expand your knowledge of the Ukrainian historical past and hear the authentic voice of the people - in girls' songs, everyday conversations and the street.


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In a broader sense, it is an opportunity to work on the experience of forced resettlement and the phenomenon of public memory, foster a culture of critical reflection on history and national identity.

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  1. 1099Audio reel 1 / Part 1
  2. 966Audio reel 18 / Part 1
  3. 963Audio reel 14 / Part 1


Ukraine, Lviv region, Peremyshl district, Chishki village

Bogonos Mikhail Yakovlevich 1899

instrumental music

Lviv region, Podgorodyshche



Lviv region, Stilsko

Кузик Люба Михайлівна

20 серпня 1978 рік

Добрий вечір тобі пане господарю…


Україна, Тернопіль обл., с. Жабокряки, р-н Новостріниць

10 facts about the life of Vladimir Perzhil

  • He was born in Oleszychi, in the territory of modern Poland in 1938
  • At the age of 8, during Operation Vistula he and his family were deported to Lviv region.
  • He graduated from the Lviv Music and Pedagogical School named after I. F. Colessi
  • He studied at two faculties of the Lviv Conservatory - conductor and vocal.
  • He started collecting folklore in 1968 when he first met with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora on the banks of the Volga (Nadvolzhya).
  • Throughout his life he wrote music, worked with various music groups, was a soloist of the choirs of Trembita and Boyan, and directed the Anthem Choir and the Quartet Quartet.
  • In 1970-90 he made several field folklore-ethnographic expeditions to the East (Volgograd, Astrakhan, Saratov regions).
  • He recorded more than 240 Ukrainian place names - names of settlements on the banks of the Volga.
  • He created and published in Lviv a map of the settlement of Ukrainians by the Volga under the name "Yellow Wedge", which was included in the series "Cathedral Ukraine".
  • He has published several collections of books, including "The Forgotten Branch of the Ukrainian People" (Lviv, 2010), and "The Evening of St. Nicholas: Essays" (Lviv, 2012).